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Lounge Robe Woven Sateen Linen, Man In Style

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Man In Style Sateen Linen Robe Classic Fit, tailored in Europe
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" Man in Style" soft to the touch, minimal and smart, this robe is the ideal piece to ensure a dapper look from day to night.  Knee height with jacquard chevron motif, shawl collar with a new favorite shade of grey (smoky pearl grey) has become a leading color within the menswear world. At men’s fashion week from across the world, grey played a huge part as a new classic. High-quality fabric with a soft and warm texture, nicely weighted, traps body heat in cooler weather and releases heat when it warms up.  Crafted in Europe by Armani International tailoring experts.

Superior Lifestyle & Health Benefits:

Wearing Linen heightens positive mood, reduce fatigue, resistant to fungus and bacteria. Do not keep filth or soap and limestone residuals. Resists ammonia and uric acid. Stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation. Warm in the winter, insulating and cool in the summer.

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