1. Robe + Slippers + Hand Towel Tea Rose-Natural, Evie Collection

Robe + Slippers + Hand Towel Tea Rose-Natural, Evie Collection

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Super-springy waffle weave Robe and Slippers are highly absorbent in blend of linen cotton, and hand towel are perfect addition to the range symbolizing the brand’s close attention to luxury. Evie a perfect collection for all year long.
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You could have all the luxury bath products in the world, but until you've got a Evie bath linens collection your routine is still incomplete.
Ancient bathing tradition meets classic-styling in this bath robe and slippers, and coordinated hand towel. The Bathrobe Slippers are loomed in waffle weave that makes it lightweight highly absorbent in blend of linen cotton.  The slip-on style features a mule design with a comfortable cushioned soled.  

Creation of hand towel is inspired by intoxicating and elating love and passion that ignites your senses and brings light into your life. Delicately Chantilly lace decorated with contrasting embroidery with motifs inspired by early 1700s design of France, accented with jacquard woven trims.

This collection is ideal for wrapping up at home anytime of the day, and would make a great gift for a loved one or as a treat to yourself. Its unique and trendy color with ancient roots balances one's personal motivations, perceptions and expectations. 

Superior Lifestyle & Health Benefits:

This multi functional Robe Bathrobe Slippers provides a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate the entire body during cleaning, and provide many superior lifestyle and health benefits. It has a light massaging effect because of the microscopic breaks throughout the fabric. Suppresses live bacteria, micro-flora, and fungi and is not known to cause allergies. Stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation. Warm in the winter, insulating and cool in the summer. Highly hygroscopic as is capable to rapidly absorb and yield moisture, that is why it always feels fresh. Studies have shown wearing linen heightens positive mood and helps you sleep and rest soundly.

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